Meet The Largest Cat In The World

Today me and my brother, Kody, take the worlds biggest cat for a fun & enriching walk around the Myrtle Beach Safari preserve!

Ligers have always been one of my favorite animals! They are an amazing example of natural hybridization. They are the world’s largest cats and ligers from the Myrtle Beach Safari have been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, with “Hercules” weighing in at more than 900 lbs. and standing more than 11 ft. tall.

Ligers occur when a male lion breeds with a female tiger. The liger offspring inherits positive traits from both parents, making them larger and more powerful. Ligers are extremely social animals. They are happy and content living with both lions and tigers. They also display genuine affection for their human handlers and trainers. While ligers have been shown to exist in the wild, the internet is full of misconceptions and misinformation about these amazing creatures.


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