Dancing In 100 Places

YouTuber Matt Bray, who goes by ProjectOneLife, is dedicated to living life to the fullest, which comes across pretty clearly in his videos. In this video, he shows us that dancing in public is nothing to be nervous about. After all, if you can do it in one place, you can do it in 100.

Bray filmed himself performing a dance routine in 100 different places, and then created the video below, showing the full routine.
In “100 Places of Dance,” a single dance is performed in all sorts of locations. Just watch. (The song is incredibly catchy, too.)

Bray’s channel is dedicated to experiencing life in the best ways possible. It shows his journey to achieve every goal on his “bucket list,” and he strives to live a full fulfilling life. He hopes that his channel will then encourage others to do the same in their lives.


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